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Idiosyncrasies of AsyncIO

5 minute read

We take a look at the idiosyncrasies and inherent nature of asyncio library in Python. asyncio is a library to write coroutines which run asynchronously on a...

Guide to Kubernetes

less than 1 minute read

I highly recommend the Golden Guide To Kubernetes Application Development book by Matthew Palmer for beginners to master Kubernetes. The book guides us step ...


less than 1 minute read

Below, I have listed several helpful notes for installing and using Golang.


less than 1 minute read

“There is no such thing as free lunch” - Milton Friedman [Famed Economist]

Merging two sorted lists in Scala

less than 1 minute read

This post elucidates the power of programming in Scala. We describe how to merge two sorted lists into a third sorted list in Scala. Although there are built...

Thoughts on machine learning

1 minute read

A diverse array of algorithms has been developed such as matrix factorization (e.g., for recommender systems), latent Dirichlet allocation (e.g., for topic m...

How objects are called in Keras

less than 1 minute read

This post elucidates how layers (for instance class MyLayer(Layer)) are called in Keras when we perform operations such as x_output = MyLayer( .... , ...)(x_...

Online courses in machine learning

1 minute read

Machine learning predominantly uses Python as the programming language. For python programming, the free Anaconda distribution is suggested, which is availa...


Core Dump

Enable core dump Ensure that they are enabled. Run the following command. If the reply is not unlimited, the core dumps are disabled or limited. $ ul...


Code Style Always remember that code interpretability and maintainability trumps everything else. Please conform to the Google C++ Style Guide. Avoid ...


Installation Install Docker Engine and Docker Compose from the official site.


Tutorial Tutorial on How to Use Git and Github from Udacity. The tutorial is free. Learn about Git at GitHub Guides GitHub Flow. Git Ha...


Learn Golang Learn Golang from the official tutorial site: Tour of Go.


Here we document the computer setup steps and software development standards adopted in our projects.


Thumbdrive Get thumbdrive device path $ lsblk


Apache Kafka Apache Kafka is a publish/subscribe messaging system Also known as a distributed commit log Each commit can be time-stamped Messages ar...


Container orchestration system: automates container deployment, scaling, networking, storage, and scheduling. node: A worker machine in the Kubernetes c...


Proxy Need to set proxy for Linux apt if we use apt behind a corporate proxy, e.g., Hence, create a apt.conf file at /etc/apt/ such...


A generic microservices architecture is as follows: Each function or feature is encapsulated in a Docker container. The Docker...


Tensorflow-GPU in Docker with Nvidia


Code style and linting Please conform to the Google Python Style Guide. A good code formatter is autopep8. autopep8 automatically formats Python code to...


Every machine learning project must produce a saved model as its final deliverable.


Build To build this website on localhost $ bundle exec jekyll serve --watch --incremental



Neural network and convolutional neural networks for MNIST


Scalable API and Dynamic Programming